Humanitarian Services
This program was created to aid the families who are in need of financial assistance due to the stresses that a child’s illness can place on a family. Sarah’s Fund provides the families with essential needs such as, meal tickets, parking passes, transportation for medical needs and accommodations for families living in regions outside Quebec. This initiative allows families to focus on the care, well being and treatments of their child.

Pet Therapy
This program provides young cancer patients with an opportunity for social and sensory interaction with therapeutic animals in the hospital setting. Sarah’s Fund contributes to helping reduce stress and contributes to the healing and quality of life of the young cancer patients on Sarah’s Floor.

Dr. Clown
This program provides clowns who bring smiles and joy to young cancer patients on Sarah’s Floor. These therapeutic clowns, Dr. Fifi and Dr. Pedalo, help to relieve the stress of hospitalization by transporting the patient into a world of imagination and therapeutic play.

Music Therapy
This program offers music therapists who use elements of music such as rhythm, melody and harmony to promote, maintain and restore physical, emotional and spiritual health. On Sarah’s Floor, the oncology-hematology in patient unit, this music health care environment helps the patient healing process.

Nursing Education
Nurses are at the heart of every hospital. Investing in nursing education allows the dedicated hematology – oncology nursing team to be at the forefront of their profession by staying abreast of best practices and to offer the highest possible standard of care to the young cancer patients.

Wi-Fi on Sarah’s Floor
Sarah’s Fund allows families to benefit from free access to the Hospital’s Premium Plus package. This package offers unlimited access to the internet, movies, radio/music and Wi-Fi hotspots, and allows families and visitors in the room to use their tablets or phones without exhausting their data plans. Whether staying in touch with family, friends and colleagues, watching a movie or listening to music, this package provides welcome distraction.

Sarah’s Comfort Kit
Sarah’s Comfort Kit started with a deep desire to help children battling cancer and other life-threatening condition to have something to smile about. Something that will help their stay be a little more comfortable, something that might give them a little hope to get through another day of treatments. We want to bring a little sunshine to their cloudy days.

Thanks to Jellifish Kids and ‘The Bell’ Fund for their generosity and for graciously supporting this new Sarah’s Fund initiative. Every newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patient on Sarah’s Floor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, will receive a Sarah’s Comfort Kit.

Sarah’s Comfort Kit contains:

  • Rollie bag
  • Lunch bag
  • Laundry bag
  • Super soft robe
  • Soft cozy blanket donated by ‘The Bell’ Fund


Terry Fox Precision Oncology for Young People (PROFYLE)
Sarah’s Fund for Cedars has made a commitment of $1 million over five year to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Terry Fox Precision Oncology for Young People (PROFYLE). Leading Montreal Children’s Hospital researcher Dr. Nada Jabado is taking part in this major national research program, that aims to transform the care of children and young adult patients who are currently living with a refractory, relapsed, or metastatic cancer. PROFYLE will help to identify treatment by using next-generation molecular tools and cancer model systems, to identify disease and patient specific biomarkers that are tractable targets for therapy.