Sarah’s Floor


A healing, peaceful and colourful atmosphere makes a real difference.

Within the walls of the new Montreal Children’s Hospital there is a special place dedicated to not only provide the best care to its young cancer patients, but to do it in an environment where every need of the patient and the family has been carefully considered and thought out.

This is Sarah’s Floor.


Sarah’s Floor is a 12-room in-patient unit and Day Centre. It is the hub of the MUHC’s Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Division. Both facilities were designed to meet the specific needs of its young patients with private bathrooms, natural light and direct access to critical departments.

Sarah’s Floor provides a serene and home-like environment. It houses a library, television and game room as well as other services for our patients’ families. The staff and volunteers who work on Sarah’s Floor understand that creating a hospital experience that is as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible for their young patients is an important part of their treatment.

Having your own room and having it be colourful and not just a white wall makes a difference. Having just that little moment of happiness makes a difference. – Sarah Cook