Splash & Dash


Splash & Dash is the signature event for Sarah’s Fund at Cedars that raises critical funds for the needs of young cancer patients who are hospitalized on Sarah’s Floor, the in patient Hematology- Oncology division, at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Already, over 2 million has been raised through Splash & Dash—this special event where cancer patients, friends and family members Swim, Bike and Run for pet therapy, music therapy, Dr. Clown, nurse training and social services.

Splash & Dash and Sarah’s Fund began in 2001 with the desire of an eight year old, Sarah, the funds namesake, wanting to help other children who also had cancer.

However, her dream is far from complete. She wants to ensure that the hospital continues to have the latest equipment, the means to conduct life-saving research and the tools to teach the next generation of doctors, nurses and other specialists who will provide children with the very best possible care and services.

The organizers of Splash & Dash, want to Go Beyond their wildest dreams and raise $300,000 for the needs of children hospitalized with cancer on Sarah’s Floor, at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

These courageous young patients deserve the kind of support that reflects a community’s commitment to excellence and innovation; that says “we understand what you’re going through and we’re going to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible”; that brings unicorns, rainbows and smiles into their rooms despite the hardships they and their families are facing. We have our eyes set on rainbows, unicorns and smiles so please help us Go Beyond for cancer patients at the Montreal Children’s Hospital!

Splash & Dash 2019 Photos
Splash & Dash 2019
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