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Meet Dr. Whittemore

Dr. Whittemore graduated in Medicine from McGill University, did a residency in Internal Medicine and Hematology at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) followed by a research fellowship in Hematology at the Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y., thereafter returning to the MGH. He served as Director of the Undergraduate Teaching Program for the MGH Department of Medicine and Chairman of the Undergraduate Teaching Committee of McGill University. He was CTU Director and Associate Physician-in-Chief at the MGH. For several years he served the Canadian Red Cross as a volunteer and in 1988 became the National Director of the Transfusion Service, a position he held in the mid-1989 when he was recruited to the MGH as Director of Professional Services.
In 2002, he “retired” to the MCH to direct the Hematology laboratories and 18 months later was asked to head the division. During this time, he oversaw the re-establishment of our Clinical Fellowship Program after a lapse of 13 years, the renovation of our in-patient unit (Sarah’s Floor), accreditation of our Hematopoietic Stem Cell Program and recognition of the division by the Québec government (Lutte contre le cancer) by giving it the highest grade it can grant a centre, 4A.

Previous N. Blair Whittemore Visiting Professors in Pediatric Oncology include:

2015 Dr. Roger J. Packer, Brain Tumor Institute of Children’s National, Washington, DC
2014 Dr. Neal Stuart Young, Chief of the Hematology Branch of NHLBI and Director of the Trans-NIH Center for Human Immunology, Autoimmunity and Inflammation, Bethesda, MD
2013 Dr. John M. Maris, Director, Center for Childhood Cancer Research, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA