Welcome to Sarah’s Fund!

Le Fonds de Sarah aide à faire en sorte que les jeunes patients de l'Étage de Sarah (7B) à l'Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants du CUSM, ainsi que leurs parents reçoivent les meilleurs soins possibles.
Sarah's Fund ensures that patients on Sarah's Floor (7B) at the Montreal Children's Hospital of the MUHC as well as their parents receive the best care possible.

How can I make a difference?

Your support is vital in ensuring that Sarah’s Fund helps as many children, young adults, and their families as possible who are currently undergoing cancer treatments at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. You can make a difference by raising funds and making a donation.


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Buy a Sarah's Comfort Kit

Sarah’s Comfort Kit started with a deep desire to help children battling cancer and other life threatening condition to have something to smile about. Something that will help their stay be a little more comfortable, something that might give them a little hope to get through another day of treatments. We want to bring a little sunshine to their cloudy days.


Thanks to Jellifish Kids and ‘The Bell’ Fund for their generosity and for graciously supporting this new Sarah’s Fund initiative. Every newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patient on Sarah’s Floor at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, will receive a Sarah’s Comfort Kit.